Africa Bonanza Slot Machine

Bonanza is a classic looking slot that takes you right back to the glory days of 1980s gaming.

With just three reels, the gameplay of this humble slot machine is becoming increasingly rare in an online gambling landscape that demands more and more from it’s titles. By keeping it old school, Bonanza stands out from the crowd and delightfully so.

Africa Bonanza Slot Machine

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There are just the three reels and resulting 5 ways to win in a slot game so simple that anyone can play it. Betting starts at just 5p, also, so this really is a slot game for gamblers of all levels – learn more about the game.

About the developer


This is a really interesting release from Playson. This developer, as they proved with their hefty catalogue games, can produce an all action, high production value slot game with all the trimmings. Playson know their way around an elaborate theme and the ambitious bonus features that we are so used to seeing these days from an online slot.

Bonanza Slot Machine

However, with this simple release, Playson shows how versatile their team when it comes to designing online gambling spectacles. The graphics are by no means poor, either. Rather, they nail the desired old school aesthetic with retro fonts and a nostalgic charm.

Despite the retro theme, this game is very much ready for 2019 thanks to it’s developer. You can play Bonanza on all the major platforms. So, whether you like to spin the reels on your mobile device, tablet device or indeed your desktop, you can do so with Bonanza.

About the game

As already mentioned, this is a very simple slot game. With just three reels, it is reminiscent of the early days of the fruit machine in which the gambling classic quickly became a sensation.

However, the simple layout and traditional gameplay does not mean that Bonanza is boring. Rather, the simplicity makes for a brilliantly flowing slot game. Spin and win. Win and spin.

The jackpot on Bonanza isn’t too humble, either, with up to 750 coins to be won. This will be achieved by landing three of the 77s on the reels at once. The lower paying symbols include the X, which will pay out just 5 coins per win – but these things add up!

Bonanza bank slot machine

Bonus Features

The modern online slot game is often packed with bonus features and, in fairness, these bonuses are a great pull for many gamblers.

Bonanza does not have any to report, instead relying on the stripped bare approach of the standard fruit machine. There is a humble quality about the game thanks to it’s lack of fancy bonuses, with the classic fruit symbols providing all the action you need in a retro classic of a slot game.


Slots Bonanza Download

Not only does Bonanza look like a classic slot game, it also is one.

Slots Bonanza For Computer

Lovely retro graphics combine with a smooth and effortlessly enjoyable gameplay to create a really strong online slot game. What it lacks in features, it makes up for with nostalgia.