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Class Mods are powerful items that give your character’s abilities a boost once equipped. Borderlands 3 is all about character customization and these class mods will give you bonuses for your passive abilities, boosts to different weapon types, and attribute buffs as well.

Like some of the other character equipment, you’re going to need to progress to a certain point in the game to unlock Class Mods. The Class Mod inventory slot is located next to the shield location and will be shown locked when you begin the game.

When you start Borderlands 3 you will notice a number of slots are locked on your inventory screen. As you progress you will unlock things like more gun slots and classes. The higher level you get the more you will begin to wonder where Eridian Artifacts are. Well I have good and slightly bad news for you.

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Complete the Hostile Takeover Story Mission to unlock Class Mods

However, once you progress to the Hostile Takeover mission you unlock the ability to equip Class Mods and you’ll start getting them more regularly as random loot drops. Like guns, grenades, and shields, you’ll find the Class Mods that drop will be similar to your current character level. Some might have a level requirement higher than what you currently are. There are multiple rarities for each class mod, just like guns, grenades, and shields.

Equip Class Mods by accessing the slot in your character inventory next to your shields

Sometimes you’ll find Class Mods for different characters in Borderlands 3. While you won’t be able to use them with your current character, you can bank them, and then access them with the character that can use them. Class mods can also be sold at vending machines.

You can examine class mods to see which of your passive abilities will be affected by the mod itself, to give yourself an idea of what benefits you will see when equipping it. There’s penalty to trying new class mods and experimenting. These powerful ability buffs can change the way that your character plays in some pretty unique ways.

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Check out this Borderlands 3 space ship guide & features on your headquarters - Sanctuary 3. Including info & locations of the Golden Chest, fast travel points, rooms, shops, and more!

Table of Contents

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Sanctuary 3 Deck A - Upper Level Shops & Features

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The Bridge

The Bridge is where you'll find Lilith hanging out and giving orders to the Crimson Raiders. You can also use the Hyperspace Terminal here to gain access or warp to Pandora, Promethea, and the other planets.

The Infirmary

In the Infirmary, you'll spot Patricia Tannis, the crew's resident Artifact connoisseur. You can also refill your health in her area or purchase items from Dr. Zed's Meds vendos.

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Hammerlock's Trophy Room

You can also find Hammerlock's Trophy Room in the Upper Level of Sanctuary 3. His Trophy Room will grow its collection each time you complete a Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt mission.

Sanctuary 3 Deck B - Mid Level Shops & Features

The Golden Chest

The Golden Chest in Borderlands 3 can be found in the middle level of Sanctuary 3. To open this chest, you'll be needing Golden Keys that you can get from SHIFT Codes and Borderlands-related social media accounts in real life.

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Crew Quarters

The Crew Quarters takes up a lot of space in Deck B and showcases the personality of your Vault Hunter. In this area you can find a Fast Travel station, Quick-Change station, a Lost Loot machine, and even your Player Bank vault.

Player Vault Is Shared Between Your Vault Hunters

The Player Bank Vault has changed and is now shared between all your Vault Hunters. This means all your characters have access to the same vault and can pick from the loot you've stored in it. This is great when you've picked up an item that another character will benefit from.

Hang Gear & Decor To Personalize Room

You can show off all the decorations and legendary gear you've acquired in your adventures by showcasing them around your quarters. Oriental music on opulent phoenix slot machine. These can be hung around your room and can be changed as long as you have space.

Marcus Munitions

In the same level as the Crew Quarters, you can also find Marcus Munitions. He can outfit you with weapons, shields, grenade mods and more. You can also purchase SDUs to upgrade backpack, bank, and Lost Loot Machine inventory sizes.

Moxxxi's Nightclub

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Moxxxi's nightclub can be found in the middle level as well. Here you can test your luck by using her slot machines for a variety of rewards.

Sanctuary 3 Deck C - Lower Level Shops & Features

Ellie's Cargo Bay

In the lower levels of Sanctuary 3, you'll find Ellie and her Cargo Bay. Here Ellie will showcase the various vehicle parts that you've collected in your misadventures in Borderlands 3.

Crazy Earl

Crazy Earl can also be found in the lower level of Sanctuary 3. You can purchase skins & heads and Echo themes when you talk to him. He also has a vending machine outside his door. He only accepts Eridium so make sure to have some on you.

Claptrap's Closet

Claptrap has made his home inside a small space in the Cargo Bay. He'll have a side mission or two for you when you come over and visit.

About Sanctuary 3 Space Ship

Base Of Operations In Borderlands 3

Sanctuary 3 is the base of operations of the Crimson Raiders in Borderlands 3. It is also your main mode of transportation, getting you to different planets as you progress through the story.

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