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Sep 6, 2007
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Eleco Delsol Slot Machine Manual

Hey guys,
I picked up a slot machine today. It came out of a hotel and was apparently rebuilt three years ago..who knows what that means since the owner didnt know. It's an ARUZE model and he printed out a manual that sad Pachislo Slot Machine. Everything worked on it except I thought it would be cool to throw some Cointaker LEDs in it. They looked like 555 bulbs so I put them in and a minute later they were smoking in the machine. Took them out, were super hot, the plastic bases melted! Wtf?! I tried another bulb and it did the same. I even tried a 906 LED in it and it started getting really hot so I took that out. Put the old incandescent bulb back in and it seems ok. Smells a little like that burning smell like when a diode burns or something but its fine. Mostly seems to get hot only in the one slot. Am I missing something here?
I've had it on now for about 5-10 min without taking the socket out. Just went over to smell it and a faint smell is still there but nothing is melting or on fire. Help?!

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