Eve Macy Slot Machine Directions

See it Work Perfectly. Open the main slot machine door. Turn off the power to the slot machine. The power switch can be found with the main door open about midway down on the right side just inside the machine. Facing the slot machine door, look on the right side of the door just around from bill acceptor area. EBAY SLOT MACHINE POLICY: Non-coin-operated slot machines: Non-coin-operated slot machines: Slot machines that do not accept or pay out coins or currency may be listed on eBay regardless of their age, and buyers from all states may participate in these sales. However, slot machines that can be readily converted to use for coins or currency.

  • 3Main/Entry Level
  • 5Lowest Depths (Below Deck)

The Hollow Eve Festival is an annual event. This page documents the shops and games open during the Hollow Eve 432 festival (2019).


  • Shops that are brand new (or have new inventory) are indicated in bold.
  • Some shops offer purchase of their items with Hollow Eve tickets.
  • This year's gift, a biomechanical tarantula, can be found in room 23 of the Baby Spider section.
  • Immediately before you cross the bridge onto the festival grounds, you will find a Gnomish workman, a dark-eyed gypsy lass and a grumpy mage. This room is available to all players, no ticket to the event is required.
  • Greeters will be seen wandering throughout the festival periodically, offering help with where to find things and handing out gifts.
  • Periodically a crier will run through the festival grounds and put a sample of food into your hand from one of the shops. Sample food items can include:
  • canteloupe chips from Ravetherin's Fabulous Fruits
  • chocolate cricket from Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights
  • lump of pomegranate taffy from ?
  • wedge of apricot drizzled in dark chocolate with a light dusting of cocoa from Ravetherin's Fabulous Fruits
  • wedge of chocolate brittle from Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights

Roaming on Any Level

RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop

Main/Entry Level

  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete
  • Bolded shops have new and/or updated inventory.


  • In room 8 there is a plum tree that you can pick a ripe plum from.
RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
roaming in rooms 3-16mechanical fortunetellerMetalory MongeriafortunetellerYes
1Paasvadh Forest, ClearingBug WebBUY the silk-wrapped bug for fast travelYes
3The Massive Arachnid, EntranceCatnip Tablecatnip treats for kitten upgradesYes
3The Massive Arachnid, EntranceOverlarge Crateclockwork shark upgradesYes
4The Abdomen, CorridorCrazy Gnomish tinkerclockwork potatoes gameyesYes
4carved walnut doorThe Cookie Emporiumfood; drinks; apronsmagic allowedyesYes
5bronze and copper arched doorway shaped into twisting branchesDamsel In This Dressfancy clothingyesNo
5rusty doorSlings and Thingsstonebows; slings; ammoyesNo
5mildewed canvasOdiferous Ornamentssmelly clothing (atmospheric); containersyesNo
5iron door engraved with a circular symbolNectar of the Wispglowstick lightsyesYes
6small silver doorThe Smaller Side of LifeGnome-themed weapons; shields; armor; containers; clothing; jewelry; foodyesNo
6dark pine door hung with silver rattles and warding beadsMisenseor Goodsweapons; scrolls; pilgrim's badges; containers; clerical clothingyesNo
6thick leather flapScabbards 'n' Sheathscontainers (weapons)yesNo
6silk-draped entranceSimply Essentialutility knives; flint; gem pouches; hair brushesyesNo
7purple door painted with lavender blossomsLavender and Lacepurple and white clothing; jewelryyesNo
7brightly painted doorGlythtide's Gifts and Gagstoys; gag giftsyesNo
7wooden door displaying the image of a pair of hands folded in prayerForever Faithfulgod-themed cambrinth jewelry and containersyesNo
7canvas drapeStuff Itcontainers; pocketed clothingyesNo
8carved wooden door decorated with animal caricaturesYour Inner Animalanimal-themed costumes; containersyesNo
8heavy steel door covered in a myriad of locksSputkin'sweapons; containers; jewelry; prayer mats; icons; chimesyesNo
8driftwood doorThe Mind of Sdaigift bagsyesNo
9rusting metal doorFunny Bonesweapons; diceyesNo
9frosted crystal doorDiamond DeitiessouvenirsyesNo
9mask-shaped doorCreepy Costumesguildleader costumesmagic allowed in some areasyesNo
9steel doorway leading to a makeshift tunnelWitcherymagical stat/skill boosterslight sourceyesNo
10web-covered doorwayAccents for the Arachnophilesanowret crystals, toys, house decorations, cambrinth containers, armor, weaponsyesNo
11tarnished metal door with wooden supports riveted to itJubby's TattoostattoosyesYes
11boot-shaped doorwayGive 'Em the BootbootsyesNo
11velvet-trimmed doorElahkti's Metal Artsmetal armor; tabardsyesNo
11grimy doorwayThe Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirsjewelryunknown restriction, not the following:
12ocean blue door painted with colorful fishThe Glass BubbleaquariumsyesNo
12shrouded doorwayBlanve's Bountyrare-gem jewelryEstate HoldersyesYes
12black door with a painted fuzzy white sheepThe Naked Sheepwool clothing; finger puppetsyesNo
13cloth curtainFall's Harvestgame; apple-themed itemsyesNo
13birch doorDelicate Creationsclothing, jewelryyesYes
13wide archwayTurialo's Havenseason-themed clothing; jewelry; containersmagic allowed in some roomsyesNo
13silk-trimmed entranceThe Perfect Roseclothing; jewelryyesNo
13ornate doorKrobble's KaravanTrader shop surfacesmagic allowedyesYes
14stark white canvas-draped entrance painted with a large red eyeThe Eye of Powercambrinth body partsyesYes
14plank doorWhimsiescolor-themed clothingyesNo
14smoke-damaged aquamarine doorFishy's Pants Martexploding clothingyesNo
15large purple doorThe Terrific Turnipturnip-themed itemsyesNo
15crooked shedIn The HollowpiƱatasyesYes
15modest doorEverything in Moderationwomen's clothing; toysyesNo
15flimsy wooden stallSigns of the TimessignsyesNo
16curtained archwaySable's Atticclothing; feature changing masks; wings; tabardsyesNo
16billowing black curtainAsketi's Stopcloaks; clothingyesNo
16makeshift curtain over a battered doorwayYarrel's Varmint Vittlesmeat; alcoholic beveragesyesYes
16dented iron doorTricky Treatshats; picnic basketsyesYes

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.


RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
17menacing steel archMusical Chairs of Doomgamemagic allowed in some roomsYes
17large chicken-shaped archA Game of Chickengamemagic allowed in some roomsYes
17low steel doorFangs For The Memoryverby fangs; claws; whips; clothingyesNo
18wildly curvy door made up of S-shaped boardsSnake PitBobbing for Bolts game plus ticketed weapons, toys, aquariumsyesNo
18polished brass doorOutrageous FortuneweaponsyesNo
18ironwood double doorsTending the Foldorigami supplies; tabards & jewelry; Cleric bellsyesNo
18bronze slot machinebronze slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
19thin curtain leading into a wide stallMade for Walkingarmored bootsyesYes
19velvet draped entranceJewelry in Phasesmoon-phases jewelryyesNo
19silver-trimmed slot machinesilver slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
20grave earth pilegrave earth pilegame: dig for treasureyesYes
20plain doorGearanimalshousing: mechanical petsyesYes
20white door with a picture of a badger in a cloak and hatBeastly Behaviorcloaks made of whole skins/fursyesNo
20bright blue doorHeikeaIKEA-style housing items; foodyesYes
21narrow doorEntrail Toss Arenagame (avatar cambrinth prizes); toysyesNo
21pale canvas flapNatural Selectionsbrawling weaponsyesNo
21large ornate doorBehind the Maskdecorative masks; clothing;containersyesNo
21silver-trimmed slot machinesilver slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
22striped doorMordiv's Fun Housegame; toys; makeup; jewelryyesYes
22bright door with a fanciful mask painted on itMasquer Aidlight god costumesyesNo
22platinum-trimmed slot machineplatinum slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
23bright yellow doorSee The Lightshield of light alteration scrollsClericsNo
23ebon friezed archwayRelief in the Darkhousing: itemsEstate HoldersyesNo
23silver-trimmed slot machinesilver slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
24red door with 'Wicked Windows' set on it in stained glassWicked Windowshousing: windowsyesNo
24dilapidated doorMob Mentalityweapons; armor; clothingyesNo
24gold-trimmed slot machinegold slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes
25gold-trimmed slot machinegold slot machinegame: slot machineN/AYes

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Upper Level

Eve Macy Slot Machine Directions Near Me

  • In room 4 there is a plum tree that you can pick a ripe plum from.
RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
1mud-brown flapBobbing for Leechesgame (free with timer)yesYes
1metal archAcaph's Acquisitionsarmor; shields (Trader appraisals)yesNo
1oval door beneath a painting of a toy boxThe Toy Boxtoys; lockable book containersyesNo
3large iron archRafflesperiodic free rafflesYes
4oak doorwayCreature Comfortshousing: animal-themed furnitureyesYes
4wooden doorEagle Eyeeagle-themed clothing; canesyesNo
4dented iron doorBirds of a Featherbird-themed clothing; jewelry; jugglies; containersyesNo
5large dragon-shaped doorMagical Minionsstuffed magical petsyesYes
5sea-green doorSomething's Fishyfish-themed weapons; armor; clothing; jewelryyesNo
5marble doorKnightly Attiremen's formal clothing; jewelry; canesmagic allowedyesNo
5leather-covered door hung with several silver chainsVatari's Ritual Addictionritual fociyesYes
5polished brass entranceFuture is Nowdivination tools, some cat themes (Future is Meow)yesNo
6steel-banded bronze doorThe Owirvald Auction Companyrare items
Prime: 11/23; Fallen 11/24; Plat 11/30
7stately bronzed archFamous Last Wordsword-themed ranged weaponsyesNo
7painted doorGersvinda's Natural Studiesanatomy charts; compendiumsEmpathsyesNo
7polished steel door with an ornate shield on itThe Faithful DefendershieldsyesNo
8moldering basketWeevil Basketspell or death giving weevilsyesYes
8darkened door marked with concentric circlesArtistry of FleshtattoosEstate HoldersyesYes
8simple rustic doorwayFocus on the Pastritual fociEstate HoldersyesYes
9heavy steel archwayMerchant Loungealterations; free drinksyesYes
10The Abdomen, CorridorHand of Glory ringsstat-enhancing ringsyesYes
14colorful curtain embroidered with prancing animalsAll Wound UptoysyesNo
14narrow doorEye Spyeye-wearyesNo
14tall door beneath a painting of a sword wreathed in musical notesSlay It With Musicnoisy weaponsyesNo
15outdoorsLoungeconcessions; magic-allowed areayesYes
16weathered barn doorStylish Stallionhorse tack (some rare materials)magic allowedyesNo
16ornate metal archArchivistrandomly chosen spell scrolls gameyesYes
16round door with two small holes in itCute as a Buttonclothing; walking sticks; dollsyesNo
16curtained doorwayAng'hhsmusuaro's'sugi (S'Kra head scarves)yesYes
17scaly doorNest o' Snakessnake-themed bolas; belts; boasyesNo
17carved oak doorSilken Seamsclothing; jewelry (rare materials)yesNo
17vine-covered doorSilken Gardenplant-themed jewelry; clothingyesNo
18grease-stained doorHoley WarezcontainersyesNo
18wood doorHunka's Burning Lovecoal products; portable stovesyesNo
18gear-covered doorRatchet Shackcrossbows; arbalestsyesNo
21battered oak shelfKaleidoscopeskaleidoscopesyesYes
22tableTomiek Exchangeexchange tomiek chitin for refined tomiek; Harawep altaryesNo

Eve Macy Slot Machine Directions Free

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Lowest Depths (Below Deck)

  • note: the room 19 opening allows access to the Haemolymphatic Prechamber section of the spider. There is magic allowed in this section, however there are also sewer rats & green sewer eels.

Rooms 1-17

RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
roamingDaelusDaelus's Entrances and Exitsstylish log-in, log-out textyesYes
1stately doorThe Finer Thingsclothing; gems; jewelry; Finest Box of GemsyesNo
1wicker-paneled doorRiding The Rangehorses: tackYes
1tall mahogany archThe Male Persuasionmen's clothing (rare gems and cloth)No
2mottled doorPackrat's Piece of ParadisecontainersNo
2scuffed metal door painted with a variety of healing herbsOn the Mendalchemy tools; lockable containersNo
2fine mahogany doorSpikan's SporranssporransNo
3simple red oak doorSketchy By Designportraits; writing tools (some rare materials)Thieves*No
3painted doorA Walk on the Wild SidefootwearNo
3low arch filled with dark blue draperyPi'botuk Pel'arsharraS'Kra clothing (verby); jewelrylight source*No
3black iron gate with a sign reading RISSAN ROULETTE hanging from itRissan Roulettegamemagic allowed*Yes
3heavy ironwood door inlaid with a sinuous golden serpentShh'oi MhhgS'Kra wedding clothing; jewelry; containers; instrumentsNo
3steel doorBare Necessitiesrare materialsNo
4wooden door covered in fabric swatchesFabric Fantasiesrare fabrics (alteration fodder)yesNo
4glass door painted with the image of a handbagExcess BaggagehandbagsYes
4pale red door bearing a wreath of colorful dried flowersTown and Countryhousing: exterior decorationsNo
5massive web-covered metal cage perched atop wide-set rollersSpider Cagespider-themed Capture the Critter gameperiodicYes
5Lowest Depths, Central Intestinal ChamberEngine Room Roasting Pitfood for roasting; free foodyesYes
6stained glass doorShimmers of Silvergweth; container-hiding gearNo
6canvas-covered boothSnookie's Divine Spoonssouvenir spoonsNo
6warped wood doorAmylia's Atticbattered armor; weapons; clothing; furnitureNo
7boot-shaped doorNigeyi'sfootwear some with rare materialsNo
7polished black doorDisenchantmentsjewelry and containersNo
7opulent booth screened off by a beaded curtainQ'tahhl's Placetailband weaponsYes
8starlight velvet draped doorTieheq with the ThirteenAlaudian pantheon; huge cambrinthmagic allowedyesNo
8leather door flapJhiskar's Provisionscrafting tools; fletching pouches; quivers; clothing; armor and weaponsNo
8carved iron doorThe Gear Shopverby clothing, jewelry, containers and propsNo
8ebonwood doorVisions of Holinessgod-themed weapons, alchemy tools, itemsyesNo
9shabby door painted with skeletal figuresOnce Possessedarmor; clothing; toys; housingNo
9dark doorCrafty CloakscloaksNo
9glass door decorated with a fan of tobacco leavesCloudwalker's Smoke Shopsmoking accessories; tobaccoNo
10hairy doorReady to Weremechanical toysYes
10multicolored beaded doorwayThe Eclectic Eccentrichousing; clothingNo
10door draped with colorful pennantsHollow BelliesfoodYes
11metal doorHeavenly Entranceshousing: door ornamentsNo
11carved ebony doorFrisky Portraitshousing: moving paintingsYes
11dark door covered with silvery spiderwebsObscure Memoriescontainers; clothing; jewelrylight sourceNo
12sugar-coated doorI'll Eat My Hatclothing (yes, it's all edible)No
12metal doorAmulets by Liathegod-themed amuletsNo
12rusted doorwayDarsam's Driftersatmospheric jewelry ('floaters')Yes
13steel archway draped with a beaded curtainSumptuous SilksElothean clothing and jewelry (rare metals)No
13squat rusty metal doorThee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppemoon-themed weapons; telescopes; toysNo
13white cloth-covered doorwayThe Photash School of Butleryhousing: 'pet' butlersNo
13arched doorDark Dallianceclothing; jewelryNo
14steel door draped with white silkPeaceful Intentionsweapons; sheaths; scabbardsNo
14brown door painted to resemble a gingerbread cookieSuite of Sweetscandy; candy-themed jewelry and clothingNo
14door with 'Tookes' Nook' scrawled across the frontTookes' Nookcontainers; jugglies; compendiums; alchemy toolsNo
15simple metal door painted with a pink rabbitJust a Sliceweapons; shieldsNo
15narrow rosewood doorJust Dessertscooking attire; kitchen utensils; cakesThieves*No
15steel door inlaid with swirls of anloralSoulful Trinketsanloral pinsYes
16doorway curtained with colorful glass beadsPi'rasha's Pinscloaks; cloak pinsNo
16small booth draped with braided yarnSnacky Happinessoutfitting tools; knitted clothing; foodNo
16black iron doorThe Haunted Househousing: spooky itemsmagic allowed*No
16rough openingLeftoversbone weapons and armor; horse barding and grooming kits; jugglingNo
17mural-painted doorHero to Goweapons; armor; containers; lanternsNo
17beaded curtainThe House of Boneshousing: furnitureyesNo
17broad iron doorframe with large rusted rivetsSmokes 'n' Spiritsclothing; smoking and drinking accessoriesNo

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Rooms 18-33

RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
18round door painted with a spiralSpiraling Out of Controlweapons; clothing; jewelry; toysyesNo
18plain doorThis 'N' Thatweapons; clothing; jewelry; toysyesNo
18metal door edged with a silk and leather braidHide and Silkhousing: furniture; containers; clothingyesNo
19grey door painted to resemble a gravestoneGrieving Gravegrave-themed clothing, jewelry, containers and fluffyesNo
19wooden doorCowsmoopolitancow-themed weapons; clothing; containersyesNo
19deep blue door carved with a subtle pattern resembling water ripplesLiquid Assetsglass jewelryyesYes
20dark doorBlythe Spiritshousing: ghostly petsyesNo
20black door set with a red steel horseshoeNightMareshorses: tack; barding (some rare gems)yesNo
20heavy pine doorCountry StyleclothingyesYes
21colorful doorCuddly Creationsstuffed animalsyesYes
21scarred ebonwood doorJhanine Dering Cloakscloaks and robes (some rare materials)yesNo
21knotty pine doorBoneshousing: bone furnitureyesNo
22banner-draped doorwayHuffenclaw's Wondrous WaresTrader storage books and chocolate (Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights)yesYes
22dark door strung with an assortment of dried appendagesBizarre Bazaarclothing; nasty foodyesNo
22blackened steel door painted with various weaponsDark DefendersweaponsyesNo
22white oakwood doorObscured Visionscambrinth- and gweth-hiding items (some rare materials)magic allowedyesNo
22flannel curtainSleepwalkerspajamas and slippers (some rare materials)yesYes
23stained glass archwayClear Visionsglass items; telescopes; ankle knives (some rare materials)yesNo
23elegantly carved door inlaid with polished cedar panelsEternal Momentshousing: paintings; statuesEstate Holders; magic in some roomsyesNo
23wooden doorTweetsbird-themed clothing (some rare materials)yesNo
24patchwork door flap cobbled together from scraps of leatherShenneshwi's Stockpilearmor; clothing; whips; wearable drinking vesselsyesNo
24horseshoe-shaped entranceForce of Habitboots; spurs; riding cropsyesYes
25large round doorDark Delightscontainers; candyyesYes
25many-layered gossamer curtainIlithian HeritageElven and Elothean itemsElves
25thin iron doorPrEcIouS DeLigHtSdollsyesNo
25arched silver-banded doorAhreusse's Atelierjewelry; containers; home windows (some rare materials)*Estate HolderyesNo
26polished ebony door inlaid with an ivory spider webThe Spider's Webgame: gambling; food and drinkyesYes
26metal door engraved with a glaring pumpkinBlood and Gourdgame: bobbing for pumpkinsyesYes
26swinging bamboo doorsThe Joys of Noisepercussion instruments (some rare mats)yesNo
27iron-bound oaken doorBasimah'sweapons; quivers; sheathsyesNo
27brass doorExaltation Tintinnabulumbells (some rare materials)yesNo
28velvet-draped archEmpty Settingsgem-holding jewelryyesYes
28dark iron doorAbandoned Dragongem-holding weapons; shields; jewelry (some rare materials)magic allowed in some roomsyesNo
28wide archArmadillo Crushgame: strength
shop: weapons; containers; clothing; jewelry
28gleaming metal door draped with garlands of fresh rosesTop Notchaward jewelryyesNo
29large pumpkin-hued archBoggle Blastgame: slinging pumpkinsyesYes
29decoratively enameled doorDark Symphonyinstruments and cambrinth (some rare materials)BardsNo
30steel doorA Quick Bitemeat storage containersyesNo
30rusted doorQuiver In Fearquivers; fletching pouchesyesNo
30white doorFlower Powerweapons; armoryesNo
31small metal doorPuffindor's Professional Piecesguildleader and famous faces dolls; containers; taffyyesYes
31gaudy golden doorOne Man's Trashjewelry; housingyesNo
31steel door painted in colorful swirlsSindah's Silk Sensationsclothing; rare fabrics (alteration fodder)yesNo
32paper-covered doorBelow the Foldorigami suppliesyesNo
32silver door painted with an image of the heavensTreasures of the Spiritgod-themed gem pouchesyesNo
33soot-stained doorGrate Expectationshousing: fireplacesyesYes
33large metal door reinforced with riveted steel stripsFindorslyth's Fortifiersshields; guild-themed pouchesyesNo
33rusted metal door draped in purple silkRavetherin's Fabulous Fruitsfood: dessertsyesYes

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

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Baby Metal Arachnid

RoomEntranceShop NameInventoryRestrictionsShop
roamingMechanic BradynMechanic BradynEngineering task master for Hollow Eve Task Rewards
updated requested item-types
roamingAttendant GolyaemAttendant Golyaemtask contestYes
roamingDealer PoltuDealer PoltuForging task master for Hollow Eve Task Rewards
updated requested item-types
roamingHigh Enchanter RothovHigh Enchanter Rothovenchants weapons to produce food or beveragesYes
roamingFisherman WorranFisherman Worrantask master for fishing rewardsYes
roamingSeamstress ZaseleSeamstress ZaseleOutfitting task master for Hollow Eve Task Rewards
updated requested item-types
1bright purple doorWhimsical Windswind instruments (some rare mats)yesNo
2sky-blue doorSkyward Craftingcrafting tools and suppliesyesNo
2silver-edged door The Kitten Emporiumkitten homesyesNo
3carved walnut door painted with dancing teacupsTea for Tamsinekitchen-themed furniture and weapons; tea setsEstate HoldersyesNo
4Undertaker ChaenUndertaker Chaenstylish depart messagingyesYes
4bright blue bear-shaped doorChuffed To Be Stuffedstuffed animals (for use with pouch of lead pellets)yesYes
4slate grey doorAll in Good Tomejournals; writing accessories; tier 1 anatomy textbooksyesNo
7arched entrywayHair Apparenthair accessories, hair color (feature) mirrors, cambrinthyesYes
8doorway painted in a rainbow of sparkly glitterPuffs of Glittercontainers; jewelry; clothingyesNo
9The Baby Metal Arachnid, Back Abdomenpeddler's cartscalp wax (for Gor'Togs)yesYes
9heavy iron doorThe Other Siegery Shopsiege game sets and figures (common)yesYes
10The Baby Metal Arachnid, SpinneretClockwork SpinneretgameYes
11ironwood door carved with battling figuresSiegery Shopsiege game sets and figures (limited)LimitedyesNo
11ornate gold doorThe MusiceumInstruments (many with rare materials), containersyesNo
11doorway carved with pigsThis Little PiggyPig-pet homes and accessoriesyesNo
12woven bamboo archThe Fashionable Pandaclothing; jewelry; toy pandasyesNo
12silversteel archway covered in flowering vinesTildi's Bloomsflowers made of rare materials; floating jewelry; changeable blob petsyesNo
13doorway draped in silver and grey silkStorms of SilkElothean clothing and jewelry; armor; containers; cambrinthEstate HoldersyesNo
14painted metal doorThe Laughing Nomlascontainers; instruments; jewelry; fishingyesNo
15white alerce archNatural Beautycontainers; clothingyesNo
15painted doorComfortable RakashRakash racial items and foodRakash*
Estate Holders*
15white doorThe HumanistHuman racial weapons, jewelryyesNo
16wizened goblin leaning on a canewizened goblintreasure maps; crafting materials; toysyesNo
17silk-draped archwayAerial Artistryhousing: exterior; body paint; clothingyesNo
19plain doorWomen at Arms Annexweapons; women's armor; women's clothingyesNo
20wide metal archItem Registrarregister your items!yesYes
20arched doorway with a crooked signWhich Craftcrafting supplies and containersyesNo
22salt-stained wood doorScallyWagsdog-themed weapons, containers, jewelry, clothingyesNo
22purple and green striped door painted with stalking felinesCrypticatscat-themed containers, jewelry, clothingyesNo
23metal-reinforced gift trunkHollow Eve Festival 432 giftgift: biomechanical tarantulayesYes
25silver lancet archMercurial Magecolor changing containers and clothing; spectaclesyesNo
28immaculately polished steel doorShiny's Shinieselement-themed armormagic allowedyesNo
43white door painted with large purple grapesOde to GlythtideHalfling-themed items; drinking containers; wearable instrumentsEstate HoldersyesYes
49wide metal archThe Clerks' CollectionsTrader shop & caravan gearyesNo

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

When adding shops to the table, please make sure you are using the latest versions of these maps (displayed on this page), as the maps were updated in 2016 when the spider came alive, with all rooms being renumbered and new rooms being added. (With all of the rooms preemptively numbered, the map file does not need to be updated every time a shop is released in a room that has not been used before.)
Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

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'Shop Done' means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.

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'Items Done' means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Eve Macy Slot Machine Directions Printable

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest room entrance shop name (true name) shop name (display) inventory restrictions done?}}

Genie Automap

Genie users can download the current map from the map repository. They can navigate to specific shops by typing #GOTO followed by the shop name. (If the shop's name begins with The or A, omit that.)

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