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Do Cruise Ships Tighten Slots During the Cruise?

By Jerry 'Stickman'


I have gone on several cruises over the past several years. While at sea, I enjoy playing the slot machines as well as blackjack and craps.

I believe there is a sinister plan being executed by the ship’s management. Let me explain. During the first few days of each cruise – roughly the first half – I win on the slots. I may not win every time, but I am always money ahead. Then sometime after the cruise midpoint the slots become very tight. Sure I get a small win now and then, but I always lose. It seems the closer to the end of the trip, the more I lose.

I sometimes play longer near the end to try to win something, but it is no use. I simply lose, lose and lose some more. I believe the slots are programmed looser at the start of the cruise to make you think you will win and then they are tightened at the end to get the most money they can.

I have complained to management but was told they don’t change the payback of the machines. I don’t believe them. My wallet knows better.

Slot Machine Falls On Cruise Ship Cruise

Joe M

Dear Joe,

This would be a diabolical plot, indeed. Bait the 'sucker' and draw him in, then change the game – sort of like a 'bait-and-switch' ploy.

The oversight of games aboard ship is not the same as Las Vegas, Atlantic City Tunica and other major US land based casinos. I guess it may be theoretically possible to alter the pay schedules during the cruise, but it would take a considerable amount of work swapping out the control chips. Being found guilty of such actions would prove devastating for the cruise lines. Besides, they don’t have to resort to surreptitious actions such as changing payouts to make money; they have an automatic edge built in.

Do you keep accurate records of each session? Do you note the time, game, denomination and amount won or lost? I suspect your memory may be playing tricks with you. You may remember a few wins early on, but when you begin to lose as the trip progresses, you notice the depleted bankroll. You stated that you play longer sessions. Longer sessions mean more loses.

Slot Machines On Cruise Ships

I recommend that you break your total trip bankroll into session bankrolls, play for a fixed amount of time each session (or until your session bankroll runs out), and keep accurate records of your play. If you do this I think you will see that the ship’s casino makes money at a consistent rate throughout the trip.

Follow these tips and you should have better of luck on future cruises.

Jerry 'Stickman' is an expert in craps, blackjack and video poker and advantage slot machine play. He is a regular contributor to top gaming magazines. The 'Stickman' is also a certified instructor for Golden Touch Craps and Golden Touch Blackjack. For more information visit or or call 1-886-738-3423. You can contact Jerry 'Stickman' at [email protected]

Gambling aboard a cruise ship casino is just like gambling on land. Conventional casino rules should apply. If a cruise ship’s gambling rules differ, you will likely see hints or rules posted somewhere within the casino. If you are ever in doubt, talk to a casino worker or a cruise ship representative.

Gambling is a popular pastime of many American citizens, and citizens from other countries of the world too! Despite the popularity of gambling (or betting as it sometimes known), it is still illegal in many states of the United States. Currently, casinos are just allowed on Indian reservations, in Las Vegas, in Atlantic City, in Biloxi, in New York state, in California, in Michigan, and in a few other states – but this is changing quickly as state legislatures aim to broaden their tax raising enterprises. So, finding a good place to gamble can frequently mean long trips and large amounts of cash spent by casino players on travel and accommodation. That’s unless they integrate betting into their vacation.

Apart from the casinos offered on land, cruise ship casinos are some of the most popular casinos in the Untied States. If you’re interested in betting / gambling / gaming on a cruise ship, you can have a vacation at the same time, on an extended cruise. Extended cruises are cruises that tend to sail for more than three days and nights. Along with lengthy cruises, it is also possible to visit stationary casino cruise ships along the shore, or go on cruise ships (like those out of Florida) that just go out to international waters for a few hours, and then return to shore.

When your cruise ship leaves the port of loading, and reaches international waters, the casino will probably open. To remain on the safe side, several cruise ships wait until they are a few miles away from the absolute international waters boundary.

Gambling aboard a cruise ship casino is just like gambling on land. Conventional casino rules should apply. If a cruise ship’s gambling rules differ, you will likely see hints or rules posted somewhere within the casino. If you are ever in doubt, talk to a casino worker or a cruise ship representative.


In addition to seeking guidance or clarification from cruise ship workers, it is also likely they may teach you how to play a particular casino table game – like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. Many of these on-board casino game lessons are free. Saying that, some cruise ships may require you to pay a modest fee to participate in a lesson.

The casino games offered aboard a cruise ship are likely to vary. Many popular games include blackjack, roulette, poker, and slot machines. Certain casino games may be accessible on one ship, but not on another. If you are interested in playing a specific casino game, you can ask reservations if the game is available on-board before confirming your cruise ship reservation.

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Extended cruise ships frequently have a lot of things to do on board, aside from the casino. Cruise ship features and cabin details are often comparable to the hotel rooms found at most casino resorts. When compared, a cruise is frequently the better value – giving better value for money. Part of this is because you’re getting to see parts of the world whilst sailing, and the casino on the boat often helps the provider to subsidise the cost of the cruises – making them truly affordable.

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Despite their popularity, not everyone can take an extended cruise. If you still desire to experience betting aboard a cruise ship, but you don’t want to remain overnight, you can visit a coastal casino or a river casino. Along the United States shore and several popular river banks, casinos are legal. Stationary cruise casinos are similar to legalised land casinos. The only difference between the two is that they are located on the water. These boats do not cruise anywhere, and are permanently moored.

Slot Machine Falls On Cruise Ships


Slot Machine Falls On Cruise Ship Deals

To gamble aboard a casino, whether it is on a vacation cruise, a river casino, or a coastal casino, you may need to make plans. River casinos and coastal casinos don’t require reservations. But if you’re interested in spending your vacation playing casino games on a cruise ship, reservations are required. Once you’ve made your cruise ship reservation, you can make plans to gamble on your vacation until you don’t want to gamble any more. Have a fantastic time on your cruise ship vacation!

Slot Machine Falls On Cruise Ship Terminal

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